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Hannah Jean's



Ballet/ Technique/Lyrical


Ballet Shoes(leather or cloth) /Pointe

Jazz Shoes 

In ballet, basic ballet technique will be taught.  This includes the positions, work at the barre, center, and across the floor.  Turns, jumps, and difficult combos will also be taught depending on the dancers ability and interest. For the technique part, things will be taught such as balance, centering of the body, and posture.
In Jazz,  there are basic moves that will be taught.  For Jazz, there are times in the past I have let students choose their favorite songs and I would choreograph a dance for them during their lesson, and then we would practice it at the end of each lesson from there on out.  Jazz is less difficult than ballet.

Hip Hop


Tennis Shoes/ Hip Hop Shoes/ Converse


Modern dance is actual a very technical and difficult dance catagory depending on what technique you use.  Recently I have learned the Martha Graham technique, and if that is something that looks interesting to you make sure to let me know.  Modern is very down to Earth, it is peaceful, and it is fierce at the same time.  Very good class to find your inner-self.
In Hip Hop, the students have a lot of fun.  During their private lesson, they can express whatever they feel through dance.  Hip Hop is a great way to really show emotion, it is very upbeat, so the difficulty level is a little high, but of course it can be taught.